Motivations :: REDICYM

Cycling has become one of Spains most popular sports, however, there is a large difference in participation according to gender, as men are twice as likely to use a bicycle than women: 28% male in comparison to 14% female participation. Among the possible causes, the following stand out:

a) poor social visibility (76% of top-level athletes are men, whereas only 24% are women) and
b) lack of specific sports equipment for women.

REDICYM was created within the framework of the 2019 Call of grants for 'research networks in sports science' (May 6th, 2019) of the Spanish High Council for Sports (Consejo Superior de Deportes).

REDICYM has detected the need to specifically address different aspects of female cyclists, especially in the fields of ergonomics and physiology, as that would certainly help them to prevent injuries and improve their performance. In this regard, the first lines to be tackled in relation to female cyclists are:

  • Biomechanics of the cycling position.
  • Technical improvement in materials and equipment.
  • Psychological aspects of sports performance.
  • Sports nutrition focused on female cyclists.
  • Hygiene before and after training and competition.
  • Social visibility.