REDICYM methodology :: REDICYM

REDICYM research is based on the following fundamental principles:

  • Interdisciplinary working: coordinated cross-functional working and research.
  • Scientific rigour:  commitment to excellence.
  • Scientific transfer of results: events and conference promotion.
  • Contribution to society: commitment to improving female cycling.
  • Industrial transfer: proven ability to transfer results to industry.


To achieve these principles REDICYM methods include:

  • Expert and user panels: working sessions, guided by REDICYM representatives, aimed at drawing relevant ideas and/or study needs to establish further research guidelines or action plans.
  • Area-related working groups: group of experts led by an area coordinator in charge of directing specific actions previously defined.
  • Online meetings: virtual meetings to simplify coordination among network members. 
  • Working sessions: face-to-face sessions to update the scope of the proposed project objectives, to redirect efforts in those areas that require it and to establish new lines, if necessary.
  • Organization of congresses and events.
  • Invigoration of research projectspromotion of research, progress and transfer projects, created after detecting necessities in work forums.